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Vehicle Repairs

No matter what your vehicle may be dealing with, the high-quality and professional mechanics at Rover Automotive can handle it! Whether your check engine light came on unexpectedly or if you think something is wrong with the engine, bring your vehicle to Rover Automotive for honest and effective vehicle repair services.

Batteries and Electrical Issues

The battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It allows you to start your car and provides power to your entire vehicle. Because the technology in vehicles has advanced so quickly, it relies on an electrical system to power your cruise control, collision detection and driving assistance system, among many other things. During your maintenance appointment at Rover Automotive, we will check on your battery and electrical system to ensure that there are no issues. We also provide battery and electrical service appointments if something pops up between your maintenance appointments.

Transmission Repairs

Most transmission problems don’t show signs until it’s too late. This is why we recommend scheduling frequent transmission inspections to determine the state of your transmission system. We will check your transmission fluid and the moving parts to determine if you need anything fixed before a major problem happens.

Exhaust Systems

If you notice anything wrong with your exhaust system, you need to schedule an appointment with us right away! Ignoring a minor exhaust system problem can turn into a more serious and costly issue.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light may come on at any time, even if there isn’t an apparent issue. If your check engine light does come on, you need to schedule a service appointment with Rover Automotive immediately. We can determine what the issue is and fix it before it becomes a major problem.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation

At Rover Automotive, we provide high-quality wheel alignment and tire rotation services to extend the life of your tires and keep you safe on the road. Aligning your wheels and rotating your tires has many benefits, including even wear on all tires, improving your fuel economy, improves traction, and so much more.

Radiator System

Your radiator plays an important role in keeping your engine from overheating. It also protects the fluids and components near the engine from getting too hot or damaged. Our trained mechanics will be able to inspect your radiator to ensure that it is working properly or fix any minor issues to prevent serious damage.

Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Services

Having fleet or commercial vehicles requires extensive maintenance to ensure your drives are always safe on the road. At Rover Automotive, we provide high-quality and reliable services for fleet and commercial vehicles.

Oil Changes

To ensure that your vehicle has a long and happy life, it’s important to change the oil at the proper intervals. We recommend that you come into Rover Automotive every 5,000 kilometres or every three months, depending on what comes first.

Steering and Suspension Alignment

The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle work together to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe commute. If you notice that your car bounces or that it’s difficult to turn your steering wheel, you may have an issue with your steering or suspension alignment. Call Rover Automotive today to book an appointment to get your steering and suspension systems fixed quickly and efficiently.

Heating and Air Conditioning

For car owners, there is nothing worse than warming up your car on a cold winter morning only to find out that your heating system isn’t working properly! The same goes for the summer when it’s blistering hot outside but your A/C is broken. If you find yourself in either situation, give us a call. We will quickly diagnose and fix the problem so that you can get back to your most comfortable temperature.

Maintenance and Tune-ups

To ensure that your vehicle lasts a long time, you need to keep a proper maintenance schedule. At Rover Automotive, we provide high-quality maintenance and tune-up services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Call us now to book your maintenance appointment!

Brake and Tires Services

Your tires and brakes work together so that you can stop safely. If either of them aren’t working effectively, it can affect your stopping power. If you notice a squeaking noise when you brake or that it takes longer than usual to come to a complete stop, bring your vehicle to Rover Automotive for a brake and tire diagnostics.

Differential Repairs

If your vehicle features all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, you will need to keep an on your differential. If you notice any rumbling or whirring sounds while going faster than 25km/h or hear a consistent clunking noise, your differential may have an issue. At Rover Automotive, our trained and experienced mechanics can diagnose and fix any problems that your differential may be experiencing.

Electric Vehicle Services

If you have made the upgrade to an electric car, you do still need to bring your vehicle to Rover Automotive for maintenance services. Although they won’t be as complex as normal gas cars, electric vehicles do need their brakes, tires, battery, electrical system, wipers and filters checked regularly.

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